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ରାଜଗାଙ୍ଗପୁର, ସୁନ୍ଦରଗଡ (ଓଡ଼ିଶା)
Email : dalmiacollege.rgp@gmail.com
Phone : 9337496217
Dalmia College Rajgangpur
Email : dalmiacollege.rgp@gmail.com
Phone : 9583830911

Department of Hindi



Vision: To Educate the Students in the Hindi Literature in adopting the Raj bhasha(Official Language)

Mission: The mission of the department is to create an interest among the students in the language and literature and also to master the art of communication

Values: The values of Hindi Department is promote its vision in action through cultural Interest, behavior and discipline.   

Objectives:  The department’s primary objectives are to study and understand the theory and develop Attitude of Literary forms (Hindi poetry and Fiction), Develop reading, writing & communication skills of students.

History: Dalmia College, Rajgangpur started during the academic year 1975-76 and is approved by Sambalpur University. The college is accredited B Grade- NAAC. The college runs 14 undergraduate courses that include Hindi Honors which was started 2006-07 with 8 seats Gradually it is increased to 32 seats. Since then 15 batches has successfully graduated from the Department From 2019 onwards CBCS syllabus was introduced. The college has the broad objective of being an active agent of change by responding to the needs and challenges of the times. This is achieved basically through the process of education Considering that Hindi is national language every effort is made to familiarize and popularize Hindi Language through class room teaching, Seminars and extra moral lectures.

Number of sanctioned post teachers:  02

Number of whole time teachers:   02

2)      Number of International Conferences/ Seminars/ Symposia/ Workshops attended by teachers

i)        Workshops:  02

ii)      Conferences: Nil

                     iii)     Seminars:   03     

3)      Number of Seminars/Webinars organized by the Department:

a)      2018-19: 02

b)     2019-20: 02

c)      2020-21: 01(webinar)

d)     2021-22: 02

               e)    2022-23:02



  1. Number of Field Works/ Study Tours conducted for students (June 2018 to May 2023) : 04


  1. Number of books in the Departmental Library : 50



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DR. TABASSUM BANO LECTURER 9437144768 More view..


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