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Dalmia College Rajgangpur
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Department of Education






Vision: Our vision is to be a leading academic unit that prepares future educators who are knowledgeable, reflective, and committed to promoting equity in education  We aim to shape the future of education by producing graduates who are critical thinkers effective practitioner s and champions of social justice in their communities.


Values: The department values providing students with opportunities for professional growth and development, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their future careers as educators. The department also emphasizes the importance of ethical behavior and social responsibility.


Mission: Our mission is to provide a transformative educational experience that prepares students to well rounded and compassionate education professionals, capable of addressing the complex challenges and opportunities in their evolving field of education.


Objectives: The education department aspires to create a supportive and enriching environment that enables students to excel academically, engage in meaningful research, and develop the skills and knowledge necessary to contribute positively to the field of education.


History: The department of Education has been started in the year 2017-18.It was started with 16 students in Honors.



Number of sanctioned post teachers:




Number of vacant post of teachers: Nil




Number of whole time teachers: 02




Number of part time teachers: Nil




Routine course offered by the Department:  Three years UG course



Add-on courses offered by the Department:


Innovative practices of the department.

Number of students enrolled (2018-23) : 78


Number of students passed (2018-23) : 42


Number of students securing First Class in Major course : 40


Number of Research Paper published in Journals: Nil



Number of Research Papers published in Proceedings volume: Nil



Number of Authored Books: Nil



Number of Edited Books: Nil



Number of Chapters in Edited Books: Nil



Awards and recognitions received by the teaching staff: Nil


Number of teaching staff having Ph.D. Guide ship : Nil





  1. Number of International Conferences/ Seminars/ Symposia/ Workshops attended by teachers
    1. Workshops:    
    2. Conferences:  
    3. Seminars:   03    



  1. Number of Orientation Programmes/  : Nil


  1. Refresher Courses/ Faculty Development Programmes attended : Nil



  1. Number of Seminars organized by the Department:
    1. 2018-19: 01
    2. 2019-20: 02
    3. 2020-21: Nil
    4. 2021-22: Nil
    5. 2022-23: 03



  1. Number of other programmes organized by the Department: Departmental Seminar, Teachers day celebrations, Welcome, farewell, picnic and parents teacher meeting



  1. Number of Field Works/ Study Tours conducted for students (June 2018 to May 2023) : Nil



  1. Number of books in the Departmental Library : 50



  1. Number of computers in the Department: Nil




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MISS PRITI MISHRA LECTURER 8342860538 More view..


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Department of education organized a departmental seminar on the topic "Pragmatism school of Philosophy "on date -09/10/2023..Paper Presented by- Ayush Ekka,+3 final year Arts


Department organized a seminar on "The negative influence of information technology on child's education" on dt-16.10.23.


Study Materials

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